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  • David Domanski, MFT Graduate Intern

    I am excited to work alongside clients and hear their stories. I want my clients to feel respected, heard, and cared for. I believe that people sometimes need a hand in balancing our reasoning and our emotions. Problems arise when we act on only one or the other. My goal is to help others find that balance so that they can live productive lives while enjoying the presence of others. Therapy is a place where people can be honest, open, and safe to explore things outside their comfort zone. I have worked in inpatient psychiatric care for over six years. I’m an intern therapist, which means that I am in the process of completing my studies in Marriage and Family Therapy and receive regular supervision and guidance from experienced therapists. As an intern I will be taking self-pay clients only.

    Areas of Interest 

    I welcome and look forward to working with people with a variety of backgrounds and stories. Some therapy topics that especially interest me include building self-confidence/feelings of adequacy, exploring what it means to be a man in a time when there are no shortage of opinions and conflicting messages, men’s sexual health, and unwanted pornography use.

    About Me

    In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife on walks, running, or indoors playing a board game. I also enjoy woodworking, playing video games, and reading fiction.